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  • [SW Country](Galkayo - Puntland ) PRESS RELEASE : Posted on [02 Nov 2001]

DAWLADDA PUNTLAND                                                  PUNTLAND STATE OF

EE SOOMAALIYA                                       SOMALIA

XAFIISKA MADAXWEYNAHA                                        OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT

MW/DPS/UNSC_011101/2001 Galkayo, November 01,2001




Your  Excellencies, 

We have the honor to forward the attached Press Release of the State of Puntland to solicit for your kindly consideration.  

Puntland State of Somalia has learnt with shock and surprise the recent UN Security Council recommendations (decisions) to demobilize, re-arm and reorganize to a National Police Force the various militia of Al Qaeda, Al Itihad movement and Islamist Courts for the Mogadishu- based Arta Faction.

One wonders if anyone in the Security Council had any idea of whose militia were to be demobilized and whether Al Qaeda militia in Somalia would fight against terrorism when the UN rehabilitates them to a National Police Force. By deciding to prop up the (Arta Faction) through, among other measures, demobilisation of the existing various militia, the UN has made the greatest mistake yet if not tragedy and disservice to Somalia.

Puntland State of Somalia has difficult, therefore, to fathom the double standard of the UN and international community at large to fight terrorism in Afghanistan, on the one hand, and support Al Qaeda and other extremist elements in Somalia, on the other?

Will the international community ever find out the right approach to Somalia’s predicament by either staying neutral on the interests of all parties to the conflict or address the issue impartially and objectively? 

With the assurances of our full cooperation.

Ismail H. Warsame

Chief of Cabinet


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