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November 02, 2001



SHASNA MediaWatch department follows news analysis, commentaries, trends, news reports and press releases of the week. We pay special attention to Somali news in general, and to Arab financed and UN supported ‘ARTA TERROR CELL’ in particular. We analyze, digest and separate facts from fiction. With so many news outlets and so many groups, each one vying for your attention, we will try our very best to fairly analyze what you have read or missed reading.

New York, USA

Mr. Ali Khalif Galaydh, the Premier of the Arta sub-clan, or so he thought, came to New York to defend the sub-clan and their terror cells in Somalia. Unfortunately, for the to be disgraced premier, the Security Council has already received an early bird issue of the "SHASNA Reports…" report and Mr. Ali started defending the un-defendable, and defending he did to only subsequently slowly sink in the sub-clan quicksand.

Mr. Ali, please don’t worry, they will not be that far behind you and neither will Mr. David Stephens, his IRIN reports and his proposed establishment of Committee of Friends for Somalia or his last minute proposal of increased funding for the Arta sub-clan militia! There is a new opening in Afghanistan for failed and former UN bureaucrats, and US and British diplomats who did a tour of duty in Somalia, but we sincerely hope that President Bush will carefully read their resumes; and the President should please note that they always make matters much worse.

Fortunately for the people of Mogadishu, Mr. Galaydh, you have unknowingly and unintentionally exposed the truth in Mogadishu, and we hope you haven’t yet received your portion of the Arab loot from Monsieur Buubaa! And if you haven’t yet, we imagine you don’t have that much hope of receiving your portion of the remainder of the loot! Oh, Mr. Ali, wasn’t it quite a creepy October morning in Owatonna County and indeed quite a different landscape than yesterday? Please just savor the following ironic Sir Walter Scott (1771-1832) quotation: "Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practise to deceive!"

"The failure to establish a peace-building mission for Somalia [Mogadishu] would send the wrong signal to the international community, to donors and to local warlords" was ironically your defense for the whole day; but it was never enough for the sub-clan and sinking you slowly began. In reality, you knew that any failure for the Security Council to follow your advice, would succinctly spell your demise; and demised you were! Oh, Mr. Galaydh, "time to make the doughnuts" and for a change be gainfully employed, may be by the Nairobi based UN political officers!

But Mr. Galaydh, all is not doom and gloom. As you remember, during the Security Council session, while the usual countries from France, Tunisia, Yemen, Qatar, Djibouti and Egypt, continued their usual blether of ‘territorial integrity’ and ‘asserting that the Arta process remained the only viable option,’ the United States, the only country with a moral authority in today’s climate, expressed the following firm conclusions: " All must do what they could to improve those conditions, but only the people of Somalia could reclaim their country from chaos and create political legitimacy. No single group had yet achieved that legitimacy, and it was not for the United States, the Security Council or any other outside power to determine it."

Mr. David Stephens, Mr. Randolph Kent, we hope you are paying attention. The Somali people were better off before your creations; we will also be better off after your creations self-destruct. Like it or not, the only solution to Somalia’s dilemma is the bottom-up approach or ‘clan fox holes’ as widely known by your team.

Meanwhile, in this rebuilding process, with President Bush’s leadership, we wish, hope and trust that every government and organization that supports these terror cells will be "stopped and defeated." And by gosh, Somalis everywhere will see to it that Mr. David Stephen’s Mogadishu TNG terror cell will belong to "history’s unmarked graveyards of discarded lies."

Mogadishu, Somalia

After the Arta sub-clan self-destructs, we hope the U.N. political officers will learn from their horrendous mistake and that something so ill advised, so poorly prepared and represented, so intellectually bankrupt and so easily hijacked by certain greedy sub-clans and countries must never be allowed to happen in Africa again.

And now that this phase of the sub-clan plan has failed, we will give you a preview of what the next phase is going to look like. The next character will definitely have to have a resume of having worked, in a very loyal capacity, with the previous dictatorship and Mr. Salad Hassan; he must not have the pride and surefootedness of his predecessor; he must have no formal education and be loyal to Mr. Salad’s causes, and of course his cause numero uno of destabilizing the Recovery Zones; and he must, most likely, be of a clan that has quite a hell of a Chief with serious ambitions. Unattainable promises will be made to that certain chief only to see them evaporate in a very short period of time. Every good name will be dragged under the mud. Certain occupied territories will be superficially negotiated and new directives with brand new plans will be assigned. These plans or the ‘peace process’ as commonly known by Messieurs Hassan and Stephens and to be undertaken by this character is very simple: it is a continuation of Mr. Galaydh’s and the destabilization of everywhere and anywhere in Somalia that peace and stability reigns, mainly the Recovery Zones and southern Somalia. Fasten your seat belts and get ready for quite a ride!

By and by, since Mr. David Stephens, Mr. Randolph Kent and their IRIN organization call the previous Mr. Galaydh plan a ‘peace process’ but of course with no peaceful intentions or results, will they again call Mr. Salad Hassan’s phase two plan another ‘peace process?’ Don’t hold your breath!


The Hague – The war criminals who directed Siad Barre’s war against all Somalis, and headed by none other than Mr. AbdiQasim Salad Hassan, related terror cells and certain entourage in Hotel Ramadan, are also today directing other crimes against humanity: the massacres of Baraawe and Kismayo; and the torching of Garasweyne, Hejmacood and Kuunyo-Barrow villages and where most of the resident were either massacred or chased away by the terror cells (Islamic court militias) and sub-clan militias. We hope the UN and their highly regarded political officers pay close attention to these devastating wars and heinous crimes against humanity committed by the Arta sub-clan. These men in Hotel Ramadan and many others, members of the UN pet project, got us where we are today. The UN should not only pay lip service to human rights abuses, but also should lead the way and show some action. Unless of course, as always, crimes against the Blackman and Africans in particular are not considered real crimes! We sincerely hope it ain’t so.

IRIN – UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, a misnomer, should be appropriately renamed the UN Office for the Coordination of instability in East Africa! With Mr. Galaydh’s impeccable leadership, they have destabilized the Recovery Zones; they have their endorsed conference in Garoowe with a minority of 19 Issims out of Puntland’s 60 something Issims; and now they have, ungraciously, accused (IRIN – 29 Oct: Parliament votes out interim government) Mr. Galaydh of "mismanagement and failing to bring peace to the capital Mogadishu and the country as a whole" and to boot "misappropriation of aid money."

Poor Mr. Galaydh, even Mr. David Stephens is turning away! Dear Mr. Ali, haven’t you informed these UN political officers that you had no sub-clan militia; that you had no bank and Arab donated funds; that you even had no protection from your sub-clan; and that you were always under the protection of Mr. Salad’s sub-clan militia; and that you really never had any power, but was just a tool to be used against others with no clear wins in the bag, for the sub-clan, as of yet! And therefore, you were more of a liability and had to be run out of town. Poor Ali, what a wasted brilliance; we--feel--your--pain!

Dear Mr. Galaydh, just in case you haven’t lately read IRIN reports, they continue to accuse you that "the economy meanwhile has suffered runaway inflation and collapsing currency" and that you were directly responsible for it. Mr. Galaydh, this is not fair for you. You know and we know that you are not responsible for all of these evil accusations; the sub-clan is. You know who imports fake Somali currency; you know who grows drugs in the fertile south; you know who robs, rapes and maims; you know who occupies other peoples properties; yet, they accuse you of all these evil things. Please set the record straight; it sure is your turn!

Mr. Galaydh, they continue: "Sources told IRIN that there was no reason to assume or expect that the transition would be anything other than smooth, with at least one analyst concluding that the demise of his prime minister comes at an auspicious time for President Abdiqassim Salad Hassan." They surely are feasting on your demise; poor Premier Ali, this is not fair, not very fair!

Not only that, but they continue to play their fabrication/sources card. They continue that " Abdiqassim has come out of this very well," and "He has kept above the fray and can now go to the talks [in Nairobi] without government and with a clean slate." Mr. Galaydh, can you believe this! The plan has been in the books since day one; and the sources you have helped create are now being used against you. Unfair, very unfair! And what about these Nairobi talks? You know that IRIN knows that there will be no talks in Nairobi with the sub-clan leader claiming the Presidency, yet they will climb over mountains to make sure the sub-clan leader looks good and make a goat out of you. They have even reported that leaders opposed to the sub-clan leader have arrived in Nairobi. Do you know of any leaders that arrived in Nairobi to hold talks with the sub-clan leader? We don’t know of any, and by any chance, are you one of these leaders? Do you think that these IRIN reports are typical journalistic diversionary tactics to get the sub-clan leader out of the headlines and drag your good under the mud? Unfair, very unfair, Mr. Galaydh!

Sir, now that you are wide awake from this Halloween nightmare and that there will be no more trick-or-treats, who is the ‘evil’ force in Somali politics, the sub-clan or Ethiopia? Just a thought! May be this other Sir Walter Scott quotation will rub your pain away: " I cannot tell how the truth may be; I say the tale as ‘t was said to me."

However, Mr. Galaydh, we knew about IRIN and associates all along, and we still await their humanitarian reports dealing with the sad humanitarian affairs in southern Somalia! When was the last IRIN-East Africa report that dealt with the massacres, depredation, looting, uprooting, rape and torture of Baraawe, Marka and Kismayo city residents? IRIN is surely a witting collaborator of Mogadishu’s TNG terror cell! But, poor Arta Premier, all of this, unfortunately, has taken place under your stewardship. Let us again, one more time, remind you another Sir Walter Scott Quotation: "Oh fading honours of the dead! O high ambition, lowly laid!"

BBC Somali Section – The sub-clan militia and so called Islamic court radio broadcasters at the BBC Somali Section and their reporters in Mogadishu are in full alert! Warning: be skeptical of their news reports, as always, it is an outlet for the sub-clan and other associated militia fantasies. By the way, if and when they do, did anyone ever wonder how IRIN and the BBC Somali Section choose their sources?

And of course, just like their IRIN online sister magazine, they keep playing diversionary tactics and reporting about non-existing conferences in Nairobi. Don’t believe this Libya hype, the previous Saudi one has failed, and don’t believe their daily broadcasting lies. And Mr. Former Premier, please don’t expect any more airtime from the sub-clan’s BBC Somali Section.

UN – "The Security Council also expressed deep concern over the deteriorating humanitarian situation in parts of southern Somalia, where an estimated 300,000 people are at risk of famine." We wonder if Mr. David Stephens has yet given them any details of why so many people are displaced and are at risk of famine? Well, we always have the answers and they are not pretty: it is that same TNG sub-clan militia, headed by Mr. Salad Hassan, and that you are assisting and seeking for more international support, that displaced, roped, raped, maimed, and is creating more havoc in southern Somalia! Well, if the answer is to give them more aid to create more havoc, we suppose, in the foreseeable future, we will be blessed with Messrs. Randolph Kent and David Stephen’s Nairobi compounds! And the UN solution for world problems will remain unchanged: just throw more money at it!


Thank you very much for your support in the ARENA OF IDEAS in these trying times. The true and tested hard working and devoted Somalis need leadership and unbiased information. We will try our very best to provide that. To other Somalis on the fence: the days of one clan forcefully dominating the other are over. If each one of us doesn’t clean his/her own house, nobody will clean it for us! For all the young men and women: don’t waste your time in this clan rubbish. Stay in school; we may need you someday. For the few who disagree, please be specific in where we err, if we do at all!

SHASNA* Editorial Board
cc: SHASNA Members

*SHASNA is an advocacy group based in Boston, Massachusetts. It stands for the unity and peaceful coexistence of Somali people. It supports the creation of a federal system of governance to safeguard the emerging free markets of the Recovery Zones. SHASNA encourages corporate and individual investments in the Recovery Zones. It has presences in both Puntland (Boosaaso, Garoowe, Buurtinle, Bacaadweyn and Galkayo) and Somaliland (Hergeysa, Berbera and Burco).


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