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  • [SW Column] ( Abdirahman Mahamed Farole) No one is mandated to speak on behalf of Nogal Community abroad : Posted on [28 Nov 2001]

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No one is mandated to speak on behalf of Nogal Community abroad

Abdirahman Mahamed Farole  - mohamudab@hotmail.com

28 November 2001

Those whose names were listed on the piece of writing, the so called ‘press
release’ published by Hiiran Web Site on 26 November 2001, do not represent
the Nugal Community abroad. Taking into account that everyone knew that
his/her name was included in that list; they represent only themselves and
not the larger Nugal community, living abroad.

Certainly, anyone who has the least standards of morality would have
condemned violence and attacks on civilian population in anywhere in the
world. But in the case of Garowe, the question is: was the armed
confrontation of the November 21, 2001, between the Puntland Drawish Police
loyal to Abdullahi Yusuf, and the militiamen loyal to Jama Ali Jama, an
attack on civilian population in the Garowe town? Definitely, it was not;
and that was the reality on the ground.

For those who do not know the reality on the ground or have been misinformed
by the above mentioned writing, Abdullahi Yusuf has returned to Garowe by
the willing of the people of Nugal. The Drawish Police and the local
regional police, headed by Colonel Said Dhere of the Darawish Police, Col.
Mohamed Dirir of the 54th military headquarters and Col.Noor Salad of the
regional Police, took over all the important places of the capital, early
in the morning of that day, and welcomed Yusuf’s return to Garowe. These
three men, all native of Nugal region, enjoy excellent reputations among the
population of Puntland for defending their people in difficult times,
against Aided’s USC and Al-Itihad’s aggressions in the early of the 1990’s.
The shooting of the armed confrontation, which took place when Abdullahi
Yusuf had returned, was started by the militia of Jama Ali Jama, according
to reliable source in Garowe. There where 12 people killed in that
confrontation, mostly armed men of both sides.

Puntland, and particularly Garowe, was a quiet and peaceful place before
subversive elements, working for the Abdilqassim Salad Hassan’s Arte
administration in Mogadishu, have conspired to the destabilization of
Puntland. This group, mainly composed of Al-Itihad, acted in connivance
with minority elders - some of whom belonging to that organisation, while
others are well known in Puntland and Somaliland, for their double standard
political behaviour, jumping to wherever there might be a chance of personal
gain out of a given situation, at the expense of their own people.

Those who unscrupulously wrote that piece of writing were intentionally
playing down the anarchy in Puntland, during the last three months, and
the killings of many innocent civilians within the Garowe town as well as
travellers, on the tarmac road, to Galkayo and Bosaso, in the Nugal region.
As a result of stirred up tribal animosity activities among armed
youngsters, recruited by those who were attending the ill-fated ‘Angel
Talawa’ conference, many clashes had occurred in the town during the past
three months, causing deaths, tensions and feeling of insecurities among the
civilian population. These clashes had also disrupted the unpopular
crippling conference many times. Sadly, a remarkable incidence was the
assassination of civilians in cold blood, while travelling in Nugal roads,
these victims included Dahir Yusuf Ahmed (brother of Abdullahi Yusuf), who
was an educated and respectable religious man.

However, the people of Nugal were known to incessantly opposing the essence
of that conference. They have demonstrated this in writing through local
and international media (internet), peaceful demonstrations, physical
reaction to stop it many times, and finally dismissing it through their
local police forces who were acting in compliance with the will of the

When a matter of principle is in question - such as when the survival of
the state is at stake, as it is the case in this time - anyone who have
betrayed his people’s will and struggle for existence deserves to be
brought to justice. The wounds of deprivations, population uprooting,
indiscriminate killings are still unhealed up in the Somali communities, and
the perpetrators of these atrocities still keep under occupation
constituencies belonging to extremely humiliated and deprived populations,
such as Kisimayo and Lower Shabelle. How do we understand then the real
motives of those who wrote the above mentioned piece of writing,
particularly how certain personalities had accepted to put their names in
such an improperly worded and full of blasphemous language writing?

Resorting to tribal animosity can be understood as a disparate tool to be
turned to, which has not place in a society where principle has come to
stand out, and people acted upon it. However, the real cause of the
present problem in Puntland was the sponsorship of the ill-fated Garowe
conference. The promoters of this conference, who were intending to
dismantle the Puntland state of Somalia, will be responsible for this mess
and its effects.

Finally, its worth to mention that Puntland problem was merely a
constitutional crisis which could easily be solved if wanted to. But the
promoters of that ‘Angel Talawa’ conference - taking advantage of the
genuine oppositions to the administration’s term extension - have stepped up
to the process of dismantling the state of Puntland. They turned a deaf ear
to the appeals of the other elders and Puntland intelligentsia for a
moratorium on the process, and to allow an all parties consultation on the
matter. However, for those who want to genuinely intervene in this crisis, a
peaceful solution can be sought and reached only by resorting to a
constitutionally based solution, rather than uttering inflammatory
statements (Tolla’ayeey) which create hatred among the people and might
escalate the crisis.



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