Mogadishu Bombings

On Sunday July 31st 2016, two car bombings went off in the capital of Somalia, Mogadishu.. Both bombs were suicide bombs for members of Al-Shabaab. Al Shabaab is an Islamic terrorist group fighting to push out the current Somali government. It is their hope to obtain control of Somalia to push their own agenda.  Those within Al Shabaab believe that Somali society should be altered to reflect their own interpretation of Shariah law. This group has already taken responsibility for the suicide car bombings in the capital.


Military spokesman within this Islamic terrorist group, Sheikh Abdulaziz Abu Misab, has publicly claimed responsibility on the behalf of the group. The attack took place at the gate of the Somalia’s Criminal Investigative Police Division ( CID).   After the initial attack, there was a gun show down between the police and attackers. It continued until the police shot and killed attackers who attempted to illegally enter the premises.  Witnesses reported that the gunfire lasted for about a half an hour. There were damages to the neighboring structures as well. One of the nearby kiosk actually caught fire.

This attack was fatal for a number of people. For starters, the two suicide bombers died during this attack. Initial reports coming in have shown that five civilians and a police officer sustain fatal injuries as well.  At least six people haven’t seen life post this attack. Later reports included an additional four attackers being killed during this attack on Somalia’s Criminal Investigation Department. The fighters and officers that suffered wounds were transferred to nearby hospitals for care. Areas of the attacks and blasts were cornered off to allow medical care to get to the injured successfully.  About 15 additional people were injured with some of the wounds being serious.


Sadly for the residents of Somalia, their country is under attack. AlShabaabis actively working to create a “fundamentalist Islamic state” within Somalia. It’s in their pattern to attack those who are trying to retain the peace, aid workers, and journalists. About a week before, this same group claimed responsibility for a hotel attack near the capital’s international airport. That attack left over half a dozen individuals dead.

The upcoming presidential election is likely to only make these attacks worst.  Some analysts feel that the group may utilize the election as a distraction to increase the severity of the attacks and fear felt. It is no surprise that the law abiding citizens are concerned with the state of the country. These attacks keep occurring with the group boldly accepting responsibility. Countries across the seas have tried to step in to assist with the growing tension between law enforcement and the terrorist group. Al- Shabaab is trying to impose this strict view of Islam at all costs and any means necessary. Somalia isn’t the only country suffering at the wrath of the group. Kenya and Uganda are among the countries that have experienced attacks at the hand of the group.


Somalia has plenty of beautiful aspects of the culture. The natural beauty and country’s customs are just a few to name. But, there isn’t anything beautiful about the political conflict and terror attacks occurring. Hopefully with time and international support, the government will be able to help contain the group. It seems to be the only way from the outside looking in that will allow the Somali residents a peace of mind.


Hey there! I am a lifestyle blogger that has chosen to focus this blog on the struggles and accomplishments of the country, Somalia. I’ve always had a thing for history ever since secondary school.