The Most Important Man in Somalia

Who would you think is the most important man in this African country? Would it be a deputy? A major? I’d say it’d have to be the current sitting president. Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud currently has the political role of being the Somalian president.  Born in 1955, this politician is actually on the 8th president of the country. Six days after his election, Hassan was inaugurated beginning his presidency. So who is this man? Keep reading to learn the need to know details of the Somalia president, Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud.

Early Life


He was born in Hiran, Somalia. His early education took place at schools within his hometown of Hiran.  During his higher education years, Hassan moved from his hometown to the country’s capital, Mogadishu. He spent three years attending the university, Somali National University. It was from this university that he obtained his technology undergraduate degree. His master’s was received in 1988 after his journey to India. For two years post moving to India, Hassan attended Bhopal University. Bhopal is where he received his master’s in technical education.

Early Career

Hassan’s professional career began once he accepted an instructor position at Lafole Technical Secondary School. He continued as an instructor until he became the department head at Somali National University in 1986. He worked with a variety of non-profits and peace projects to aid in the civil unrest within the country.  1999 saw the development of Somali Institute of Management and Administration (SIMAD). Hassan cofounded this institution.  SIMAD later evolved into a university.  Hassan held the dean position within the university until 2010.



His introduction into politics began when he founded the Peace Development Party. He was unanimously elected at the party chairman. It was agreed upon that he would serve within this position for the upcoming three years. 2012 was the year that Hassan was elected into the Federal Parliament. At this point in his professional career, he would be known as a teacher, politician, and entrepreneur.

Presidential Election

The 2012 presidential elections in Somalia officially titled Hassan as the 8th and current president of Somalia. The election was broadcasted on live television as parliament workers cast their vote at the ballot. Mohammad was not the front runner in the first round. He actually was second runner up carrying 60 votes against the front runner’s 64 votes. The third and fourth runner up subsequently dropped out of the race and instructed their followers to vote for Mohammad. The last round of the election ended with Mohammad receiving 79% of the votes landing him the role of president. He was inaugurated six days later which started his journey into presidency.


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Hassan Mohammad’s appointment as president was welcome throughout the world. Leaders from both hemispheres congratulated and supported Hassan’s appointment. His new role as president marked the beginning of a new period in Somalia. It was a symbol of progress that showed an improvement on the previous chaotic state of Africa. To all within Africa and to outsiders, this was a milestone. His presidential legacy thus far has been primarily focused on bringing positive change to Somalia. He’s focused on important movements such as national reconciliation, youth development initiatives, and more.

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