The Top Somali Attractions

It’s no secret that violence and conflict are reoccurring within Somalia borders. This doesn’t change the fact that there are still a few must see spots for every tourist.  I’d say these are places that should not be missed on any Somali visit. There is a heavy prevalence of historical context with the Somali attractions. Keep reading to check out the top recommended Somali attractions.

1.     Kismayo National Park


National Parks are very common in Somalia conveying the natural beauty of the country. Within the southwest region lies one of the most popular national parks, Kismayo. Its unique characteristic is that it is one of the few parks in the region that are home to animals indigenous to that region. I’d recommend tourists participate in the safari tours at this attraction.

2.     National Museum of Somalia

What museum buff won’t appreciate this African museum? This attraction is a perfect place of knowledge for individuals looking to get familiar with the history of Somalia. Their artifacts are indigenous to the area and important to the stories of the region. Amongst the list of artifacts is the museum building itself. It was apparently built for the Sultan of Zanibar. The exhibits of the museums tell the stories of not only the neighboring regions of Somalia but the country itself.

3.     Shanghai Old City


It’s safe to say that this is one of the most popular landmarks known. It is recognized for its interesting Chinese architecture. I’ve heard that this is one of the most beautiful sights to see within the country. Hoping you catch this city at a time when conflict is nonexistent, this should be on your list of sights.

4.     Berbera Seaside

This landmark is marked by its gorgeous beaches in the Sahil region. If you are a beach lover, these gorgeous miles of sand and water should be a must. Uniquely, these beaches have remained off the radar of developments and the effects of tourism.  The expected water sports such as scuba diving and snorkeling are more than available. It’s said that the world’s best coral reefs could be found within this region. The blue waters and soft sands are definitely a must visit.

5.     LaasGeel


Deep within Somalia, there is a series of caves. These caves depict ancient Neolithic paintings qualifying itself as the most popular landmark in the country. This series of caves is known as LaasGeel. The cave art is extremely well preserved. Some would go as far as saying that it is one of the best preserved in the world. It is a blessing to be able to witness these paintings that date back to 9000 BC. Accompanied by a guide, visitors are able to visit this historic marvel that should have more than qualified itself for recognition from the international community.

6.     Hargeisa Provincial Museum

The cultural development of the Somali culture, politics, and history are detailed in chronological order within the Hargeisa Provincial Museum. Artifacts within the museum have majorly been offered from the homes of Hargeisa residents. The cultural items within the museum have totaled more than 1,400 items being shown. It’s a fascinating place for anyone eager to learn the back-story of the people of Somalia and how the country came to be.

Some may be under the impression with the constant sensationalized violence within the country that no positive landmarks have survived. Anyone with that mentality would be doing a great disservice to the history of Somalia.  The above are just a minor list of must see attractions within the country’s limits. With natural beauty and significant historical context, Somalia is a tale worth learning about.


Hey there! I am a lifestyle blogger that has chosen to focus this blog on the struggles and accomplishments of the country, Somalia. I’ve always had a thing for history ever since secondary school.