What’s Your Poison?

To the untrained eye (or ear in this case) all heavy metal music sounds the same. It is generally a group of 4 guys, 2 guitars, 1 drum kit, and a singer. Each of which are making some kind of wailing or screaming sound with their voices or guitars. The discerning metal fan knows better. Often times, should you venture into conversation with a true metal head (terminology used to describe metal fans) you will find that they are articulate, intelligent and perceptive. If you dare you broach their favorite music subject, they will be able to teach you about the subtleties of the genre, it’s subgenres and offshoots.


Comprehensive List of Subgenres of Metal Music

  • Alternative Metal
  • Avant-garde Metal
  • Black Metal
  • Christian Metal
  • Death Metal
  • Doom Metal
  • Extreme Metal
  • Folk Metal
  • Glam Metal
  • Goth Metal
  • Grindcore
  • Industrial Metal
  • Latin Metal
  • Metalcore
  • Neoclassical Metal
  • Neue Deutsche Harte
  • Post Metal
  • Power Metal
  • Progressive Metal
  • Speed Metal
  • Stoner Metal
  • Trash Metal
  • Traditional Heavy Metal

For the sake of this article, we will not list the offshoots, but just know there are no less than 32 derivatives of these extended subgenres.

Christian Metal

Christian Metal, also known as “Unblack Metal”, is one of the more controversial subgenres of the metal music scene. Primarily due to the generally dark and demonic content matter of most heavy metal songs.  It seems contradictory that a style of art could be fundamentally considered evil, but through the Christian community is that often the case, if rock and roll is the devils music, than heavy metal must be the sound track in hell. Unless of course, you’re Norwegian band Antestor and your demo album is called The Defeat of Satan. I bet that you and the guys from Crimson Moonlight are  assured your own white fluffy cloud somewhere in the seat of heaven.

Thrash  Metal

Thrash metal was probably the first form of more extreme styles of metal. Decidedly aggressive in nature by the screaming and shouting vocals, it is one of the more controversial subgenres. Bands like  Corrosion of Conformity, Slayer, Anthrax and the legendary Metallica are just a few of the greatest thrash metal artists in the world. Back in the 80’s the band  Suicidal Tendencies brought the subgenre a ton of negative publicity, with a name like theirs and the lyrics they sung they MUST have been responsible for the decline of America’s youth. All this did was fuel the flames, the more Baby Boomers who were against metal, the more Gen X’ers  grew their hair long a thrashed around waving fists in the air in defiance of conformity.

Something For Everyone

Whatever your specific tastes require, heavy metal music definitely has something for everyone. Traditionalists will always fall back on the roots of the music, the good ‘ole days when metal was young. In movies, in music, reality and fiction metal is a genre that no matter how to package it, it is here to stay. Grindcore, Metalcore, Speed metal, the options are seemingly endless.

So then, what’s your poison

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